Find Your Natural Strengths

Experience more success at home, work & play.

A simple survey to experience your strengths.

A survey that is fast, so simple, yet accurately reports your strengths for everyday living.


The Approach

Step 1. Take The ProScan® Survey

Step 2. Experience Your Strengths

Step 3. Learn and Grow

After you click Take Our Survey, we’ll collect your contact information and process your one-time $25 payment.

You’ll go through a 5-10 minute survey then we’ll immediately send your personal My Strengths report to view on your device with copy to your inbox.

Statistically Reliable & Valid

Proven Meaning

Based on extensive research, case studies, and a field norming currently over 5 million people.

Compares all survey responses to a statistically-based study of a cross section of the working population.

Simple, Quick, Reliable, and Accurate

5-10 Minute Survey Process
96% Accuracy
Statistical Research
Working Population
20 Languages

100% Relevance

For life at home, work, or play.

Living from your strengths is for everyone.

Find your natural strengths. When your strengths and the needs of this world intersect it changes things for the better.