Living from your strengths is for everyone.

What You Get

Your Four Cornerstone Behavioral Traits

Traits are the DNA of your individual strengths.
Use of your strengths create happiness and success.

Your Logic (Decision-Making Style)

How you process and make decisions.

Your Energy Styles

How you go about doing tasks or accomplishing goals.

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Find your natural strengths. When your strengths and the needs of this world intersect it changes things for the better.

How it Works

Our Approach

Step 1

Take The ProScan® Survey

Complete our 5-10 minute Survey and immediately receive a copy of your personalized “My Strengths” report to view on your device with copy to your inbox.

Step 2

Experience Your Strengths

Enjoy a review of your “My Strengths” report.  Experience a clear understanding of your strengths to set you up to live a life that matters.

Step 3

Learn and Grow

Now you’re ready to go the journey to live from your strengths to experience higher levels of fulfillment and success. Our resources guide you through the process. Plus, you can share the My Strengths reports with each other alongside other learning experiences.

After you click Take The ProScan Survey, we’ll collect your contact information and process your one-time $40 payment.

You’ll go through a 5-10 minute survey then we’ll immediately send your personal My Strengths report to view on your device with copy to your inbox.