Our Story

Who We Are

The FYNS team comes from industries including Energy & Natural Resources, Financial, Healthcare, Ministry, Real

Estate, Service Organizations and Technology & Communications. What brought us all together?

The PDP Survey.

We committed to go the journey after each of us experienced the life-changing impact through a fast and simple PDP survey. As the PDP survey served as a mirror that reflected, from the inside out, a source of healthy energy.

We saw our individual strengths.

We experienced how our strengths can benefit both ourselves and others.

We had to share the value with the world.

That led us to our story and mission.

What is PDP?

PDPglobal is a company that leads in the business to business (B2B) arena. Serving industries worldwide including academia, banking, government, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, legal, manufacturing, military, retail, transportation, and more. Resulting in high performance teams, healthy company morale, clear communication, customer loyalty, increased productivity, retention of people, increased sales, decreased costs, and improved bottom line.

Learn more about PDPglobal.

While PDPglobal is a B2B focused tool, FYNS decided it’s time to bring the strengths-finding power to individuals anywhere, anytime.

What is FYNS

Rooted in a sustainable foundation and heritage, FYNS is setting individuals up to leverage their unique strengths and to enjoy success in all areas of their lives.

Our Story

We’re all about you and your strengths. When your strengths and the needs of this world intersect it changes things for the better. We’re on a mission to make that happen one person at a time.


Our Mission

For you to experience a clear understanding of your strengths.
So, you can better work from your strengths.
And, enjoy living and realizing what’s important in your life.