The Four Cornerstone Behavioral Traits Explained: Conformity

FYNS precisely measures four cornerstone behavioral traits, Dominance, Extroversion, Pace, and Conformity. These are the DNA of your individual strengths, and combine to form your basic/natural self, that is, how you function when there is freedom to respond in a completely natural way.

Let’s get to the basics of Conformity.

Key Descriptors


  • Systems/Quality Assurance Trait
  • Influenced by the Environment
  • Control-Oriented Through Rules
  • Follow and Maintain Established Systems and Procedures
  • Task Managers, Accurate, Detailed, Utilize Process and Task Orientation

The High Conformity Point of View

  • Strong personal values about right and wrong.
  • Follow the rules or procedures, particularly those from within.
  • Have a high sense of what is proper and appropriate.
  • Like pre-set standards and systems, know what to do, when and how; need positive reinforcement of a job well-done.


  • Itemize details, have checklists.
  • Check and double-check for accuracy.
  • Welcome comprehensive training to avoid mistakes.
  • Most accurate when using preferred systems without pressure.


  • Respect leadership, particularly if structured and consistent.
  • Expect to receive respect for role or position.
  • Can accept change when confident and certain of value, will proceed cautiously, preferably one step at a time.
  • Have a strong sense of loyalty and obligation unless mistreatment is perceived or experienced.


  • Worry about future risk and potential danger.
  • Avoid anything that will lead to criticism.
  • May resist testing or evaluations.
  • May stall or become a bottleneck to protect against pressure if overloaded with responsibility.


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Low Conformity

By contrast, here are key descriptors for those low in the Conformity trait.


  • Characterized by a generalist orientation to life
  • Often show an independent attitude and uninhibited style
  •  Relate well to activities that are out-of-the-ordinary or un-prescribed
  • Want freedom and minimal controls in all areas of life
  • Enjoy taking risks
  • May focus on detail that serves personal interest
  • May resent or show degrees of resistance, even hostility towards authority
  • Often state or imply that rules are meant to be broken
  • May prefer to ask forgiveness rather than permission


Remember, the higher your conformity, the more systems/quality assurance you will be, the lower the conformity the more independent you will be.  It takes a combination of different people with different strengths for success in the journey!

As you have read these last four posts, we hope you have gained a greater understanding of your own natural strengths as well as those of the people around you. Our desire is that you would learn to know and live from your true, natural self, allow those around you to do the same, and experience the freedom and satisfaction that kind of life can bring.


© 1984, Rev. 2017 PDP, Inc. USA. All rights reserved.