The Four Cornerstone Behavioral Traits Explained: Extroversion

FYNS precisely measures four cornerstone behavioral traits, Dominance, Extroversion, Pace, and Conformity. These are the DNA of your individual strengths, and combine to form your basic/natural self, that is, how you function when there is freedom to respond in a completely natural way.

Let’s get to the basics of Extroversion

Key Descriptors


  • Social/Relational Trait: People and Fluency
  • Act on Environment
  • Control-oriented Through People
  • Articulate Communicators, Adapt to Communication Styles
  • Interactive, Motivational, Persuasive, and Influential
  • Good at Role-playing, Inspiring, Envisioning, and Delegating

The High-Extroversion Point of View

  • Put others at ease, influential and persuasive.
  • Get energized in social surroundings.
  • Tend to have a lot of acquaintances.
  • Able to read people and know what they want to hear.


  • Encourage team decisions, training and developing people.
  • Delegate effectively and manage through others.
  • Use understanding to get things done, create a strong support system.
  • Depend on others for technical competence.


  • Ability to develop promotional ideas and to work with intangibles.
  • Want to, and need to, be liked and respected.
  • Frustrated by contrary views and negativity.
  • Overly optimistic about people and situations.


  • Attracted to new opportunities, may shift from one idea to another without focus.
  • Opportunistic at promoting self and ideas.
  • Like to create a surprise effect, practical jokers.
  • Aware of the impression made on others through appearance and belongs.


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By contrast, the key descriptors for those low in Extroversion

  • Contemplative, reserved
  • Enjoy quietness and time to think
  • Selective in whom they place trust
  • Value personal privacy
  • May have creative, individualistic and imaginative approach
  • Communicate cautiously, sincerely and unpretentiously
  • May be skeptical when pressured by someone perceived as flamboyant

Remember, the higher your extroversion, the more social/relational you will be, the lower the extroversion the more reserved you will be.  It takes a combination of different people with different strengths for success in the journey!


© 1984, Rev. 2017 PDP, Inc. USA. All rights reserved.